“Leading to human’s well – being life.”

In 2005, with the idea of customer centric thing and develop the best quality.

King 99 Surgical Instruments. has established itself through its instruments and medical supplies. Through diverse business interest, we have not only established ourselves domestically, but growing worldwide in different countries, maintaining a presence in medical instrument industry in Pakistan.


King 99 Surgical Instruments. is poised to establish itself as the world leading global enterprises.

King 99 Surgical Instruments. development of products and techniques focuses on specializing customer needs and the customer’s ultimate satisfaction. Through customers centered thinking, Surgi King Trading regards its customers as partners, and through this partnership becoming a world class organization. Utilizing the best in human resources and cutting edge techniques, we strive to provide the best products and services to become “the business of the pursuit of humanhealth and happiness”, are the principle in which Surgi King Trading places are higher value.

“Customer centric value added thinking”, is the center of King 99 Surgical Instruments management principle.

“The world leading global enterprise” is our future. Surgi King Trading is to bring the best in medical, dental instruments, and materials from around the world using its network in 26 countries worldwide to maintain service support for its products.

“Pursuing human happiness and healthy life” is the ultimate value King 99 Surgical Instruments. is looking for with the best Technology and Human Resources. King 99 Surgical Instruments. strives for its ultimate goal providing the best instruments and products.

“Creating values for the customer” is Surgi King Trading’s aim and mission all throughout.

“World -class – high–end medical company” is what Surgi King Trading wants to be in future with belief in customer values in technology.

King 99 Surgical Instruments. is dedicated to being partner in your business by offering a total solution to all your needs and will continue to improve itself as world – class medical company, Practical Prices for extraordinary quality products.


To be a leader in health and wellness services providing the highest standards of care in the community we serve.


We are committed to help the community achieve a better life by providing quality accessible, affordable health and wellness services through our compassionate, competent, dedicated staff utilizing modern facilities with rational use of resources and care for the environment.

King Group of Companies:
1- King99 Surgical Instruments Sialkot Pakistan
2- Surdent Sialkot Pakistan
3- Surgi King Trading Inc.
4- Medicon Manila Philippines
5- Life Pro Manila Philippines 
6- Dent Stall  Manila Philippines
7- Sugi King Trading Manila Philippines

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